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Patient´s prognoses after surgery for lung cancer strongly depends on the number of involved lymphatic nodes in the mediastinum. Hence, proper preoperative and intraoperative staging is a prerequisite to achieve detailed information on the nodal stage of the disease.

Proper systematic mediastinal lymphadenectomy during any kind of lung resection for cancer is considered state of the art today. This procedure includes the complete removal of all ipsilateral nodal stations, which account for a minimum of 6 locations. New concepts combine thoracoscopic lobectomy with VAMLA (video-assisted mediastinal lymphadenectomy).

The latter enables for removal of all mediastinal nodal stations on both sides for maximum radicality and information. Today all removed lymph node stations are separately collected into glasses to be transferred to the pathologist.

Any new device facilitating the systematic storage of specimen according to anatomical structures is needed. Such a tool could avoid any allocation mistakes and guide the surgeon through proper systematic dissection.