Ideas for Cardiac Bulletin Expansion and Viability

21.04.2020 by Cardiac Bulletin

1. It is extremely important to continue a hard copy version and widely publicise it. There is a tendency back to reading on paper, especially in the relevant age group.

More ads for using paper are popping up online, Even the most prestigious magazines continue their hardcopies (Porter Mag is available at the Clearwater! Publix, Glutenfree Mag is very successful by maintaining both channels online and hardcopy distribution. By survey some people go back to reading hardcopy books, especially if they like a subject or a certain book. My survey group keeps the magazine at hand when cooking and also keeps the magazines on a shelve for reference in cooking. In order to limit EMF exposure it is relevant to deal with hard copy.

2. We might have to redefine our target audience to include other nutrition areas of interest. I need more data as to which kind of products we are going to sell and develop.

3. To speak to the broadest possible public and still be specific and relevant, we might have to modify the name a bit (down the road). Though it might be a great idea to keep cardiac and vascular, because there is no comparable magazine for that area as far as I know.

4. Viability can come through

a. offering the magazine to distributors

b. Advertising for it with booths at magazine fairs...

c. Selling Ads for products we believe in

5. There needs to be a person solely in charge of selling ads (he/she could get paid in terms of commissions). I can provide a list with relevant product groups to start with. Though we need to be able to tell how and where we are publishing etc. I can write some information for that person about the “Blattlinie” (main line of content for the magazine).

6. Another possibility to generate ad sales is for me to write an article about a company or product or area of interest related to the product and simultaneously sell an ad or sell the ad for a later issue once we already published something about it.

7. I saw that in June the American downloads rocketed. At the end of May R. D and I distributed free copies to nurses at a congress. That could be an explanation. Also Dino and I mailed a bunch of copies of Issue one in April or May. I think going to relevant industry congresses and making our product known in all places where we can get in contact with cardiac-care staff is essential!

8. I need a way to get hardcopies distributed here in the US. Everyone I showed the magazine wants to subscribe.

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